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".. as simple as possible,
but not simpler."

Introducing Boplicity Software

Kees de Kooter

Kees has been an independent software developer since 1997 specializing in open source enterprise and web technology since 2002. Currently focusing on "native web clients" with Vue.js, React, Angular, Node.js, MongoDB, Neo4J & Docker.

According to "Kees is a rapid learner with strong analytical, creative, and social skills, but may seem two steps ahead in some conversations."

In projects, he always goes the extra mile to create solutions that are simple, easily maintainable, and highly extensible. Kees is on a continuous quest for "the right tool for the job". He is a broadminded professional that often comes up with unexpected solutions.

His extensive knowledge of both the web development ecosystem and related (internet) protocols and standards enables him to think outside the box and almost invariably come up with solutions that are agile and elegant.